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Our Mission

At The Rover Institute, we're committed to developing new methods and solutions to improve how spatial data is acquired, analyzed, and distributed. By integrating various means of visual information, such as websites and web applications, with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and geospatial science, we strive to devise methods for gathering and conveying actionable information in near real-time.

It is the mission of The Rover Institute to explore cutting-edge technologies in the realm of geospatial science and to develop data acquisition, analysis, and distribution solutions for the benefit of agriculture and natural resources management.

UAS Ethics

We promote the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in scientific research and commercial data collection. UAS offer an affordable means to collecting data of the highest spatial and temporal resolutions. This opportunity greatly enhances the quality of data collected in the field, and enables scientists to monitor our planet at the finest scale. However, we firmly believe that UAS should be operated in accordance with ethics that promote, 1) the safety of all non-participating and participating individuals, 2) the safety of private property, and 3) the respect of privacy.