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Environmental Science and Management, B.S. w/ emphasis in geospatial science

Research Focus

The application of sUAS and geospatial science in natural resources.

Chris Muhl

Geospatial Analyst, Web & Graphic Designer, & Cartographer

Chris Muhl holds a degree in environmental science and management, with an emphasis in geospatial science. He has worked with small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) in natural resource applications for over two years. Mr. Muhl’s education, training, and research encompass GIS, remote sensing, mobile mapping, web mapping, web development, and geospatial programming. More specifically, he has worked to develop data acquisition and processing pipelines, integrating geospatial programming and Structure from Motion (SfM) software to utilize sUAS acquired data in geographic information systems and within online web mapping environments.

Mr. Muhl engages projects related to natural resources and agriculture.  Those projects related to natural resources incorporate monitoring and analyzing interactions between developed and undeveloped areas, and the components and patterns inherent within each ecosystem. Projects related to agriculture include water resources monitoring, crop yield analysis, and topographic surveying. He specializes in the development of orthophotographs, 3-dimensinional models, and digital surface and digital terrain models for use in GIS and remote sensing transformations. The services and products rendered and produced, aid in improving management decisions for natural resources and agriculture.